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Ship a Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza 
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Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Shipped Nationwide

Just a Few Reviews of how our Past Customer Feel About our Deep Dish Pizza! 
-Germantown, WI

 We thought the service, price and quality were more than acceptable. My wife said I should have tipped you. It never occured to me. If tipping is normal for these orders please let me know and I 'll give you a nice one on the next order.  

How was the quality of the product? Amazing, I had the pizzas shipped to Portland Oregon.   I am from Chicago and am not impressed with the pizza here in Portland.   Giovanni 's shipped pizzas were great, just like we use to order in Chicago.   We have already given Giovanni 's as a recommondation to several people who were asking about shipping pizzas.

The pizzas were a gift and I was told that they arrived cold. One friend already made them and she said that she had to stick pizzas in microwave because it was a lil cool still in middle. Otherwise easy directions. She absolutely loves them. Would order them for herself again. Thanks for offering delivery for this pizza experience in California.

•  You guys are an excellent alternative to your overpriced and more well known competitors.   I am 100% positive that I will order from you again
How was the quality of the product? DELICIOUS!
Maplewood, MN

Hello -Thanks for the pizza. The turnaround time was very quick. My only complaint was that I had indicated "peppers" in two of the pizzas, but instead got "pepperoni"; this left the veggie members of my family disappointed. Pizzas arrived cold via UPS and undamaged in a very sturdy insulated shipping box. Cooking instructions were clear. Quality was outstanding and reminded me what I miss about living in Chicago!!!!!!Heard about you via Google search engine

1).  The product was cold when it arrived.
 2).  Cooking instructions are clear.  We did have to cook it about 10 minutes longer to get it up to the right temperature.
 3).  The pizza was delicious. 
 5).  Found you through Google.
-Portland, OR

How was the quality of the product?Very good. It was delicious. 

-Houston, TX

My fiance is from Chicago and has been wanting a deep dish for a long time now. Im glad I found you all. The delivery was so fast. The prices were so reasonable with shipping and The credit I received from my discount was applied right away.  Thanks Ill definatly order again.
Louisville, KY

1.  Was the product cold to the touch upon arrival?
2.  Were cooking instructions clear and easy to follow?
3. How was the quality of the product?
4.  Any comments, suggestions, or feedback would be of great help and greatly appreciated.
1.  It was cold to the touch upon arrival.
2.  Cooking instructions were a breeze
3.  Excellent!
4.  No suggestions or feedback
Thanks, Patrick  Lubbock, TX

-The cooking instructions were very helpful, I did cook them frozen
for 35 min, then out of the pan for another 15 min.
-We found the quality to be fantastic, enjoyed the pizza almost as
much as in your restaurant!
-We go to Giovanni's whenever we are in town, this is the first time
we had pizza shipped, and will continue to do so often!

Thanks for the great service & pizza,

Larry & Lisa Warminster, PA

“Best Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza!!Extra Seasoning!! Sooo delicious. Coming from someone who's entire family was brought up in Chi town.
Coral Springs, FL

My family and I thank you very much for sending the pizza from your company all the way to Montana.  Everybody loved the pizzas and we will keep enjoying them as we have more in the freezer. 
Thank you very much and Happy New Year!  I hope we all have great success in the up and coming year!
Christopher  Bozeman, MT

dear Giovanni's,
1: yes even though the ice was gone it was still cool to the touch
.2: instructions where great. ours was frozen when we went to cook it and it took about 40 min to get the center of the pizza to 120 degrees
.3:the quality was sencond to none!!
4: everything was great and easy to order , not to mention tasted great!! keep up the good work!thanks 
Doug ,Dumont, IA

Hello,  This pizza was top notch.  You could absolutely taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients.  The cheese is one of the best I've ever had.  The sauce was delicious.  I plan to give a pizza to each of my family members as a Christmas Gift.  I think it's the perfect gift especially for those that you never know what to buy for.  I feel like I just knock out half my list.  Thanks Giovanni's!  
Jennifer, Naples, Fl